7 Weird And Wonderful Alcoholic Drinks

There's some pretty weird alcoholic drinks out there, we've listed a few from the ludicrous to the damn right disgusting.



Topas & Rotting Shark – Iceland


Tops is a strong Icelandic shot of vodka, the flavours have been compared to that of cough medicine…pleasant. But what really tops this off is Hákarl, a local delicacy of shark meat that is buried and dug up one rotten, delicious ey.


Meatequita – Shaka Zulu, London


The manliest of cocktails, forget bulking with protein shakes. This cocktail mixes tequila with chorizo, vegetable juice, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, port and garnishes with biltong strips (which is dried cured meat) and grilled chorizo. Decent.


Baby Mice Wine – China


Everyone loves a good Chinese, but baby mice wine? It’s not one I fancy washing down my takeaway with. Rice moonshine is poured over 3 day old baby mice, this is then fermented for 1 year. The Chinese believe this assists with curing various health problems, were not convinced.

The Dog’s Bollocks – Oxfordshire


No it’s not literal, dog’s bollocks aren’t actually used, thank god. It derives from the slang term of being ‘very good’. The drink is made up of lager, melon and lime juice, tasty. This is available from the Wychwood Brewery each November.

Snake Whiskey – Thailand & Worm Tequila - Mexico


Doubtful you’ll be finding this at your local Asda, snake whiskey is served in Asia and makes for a pretty cool souvenir. It’s a good dare and talking point and various reptiles and insects are available. In Mexico tequila is often found with the addition of worms, seems everyone loves an animal.

White Gold Tequila – Mexico


So there’s actually a bottle of tequila that will set you back a casual $225,000, the Ley925 Platinum & White Gold tequila is mainly so expensive due to its bottle. You’ll be happy to know there’s an everyday cheaper version at a cool $25,000, perfect for your weekend antics…


Horse Semen Shots – The Green Man, Wellington, New Zealand


Ah New Zealand never fails, yes they actually serve an apple flavoured horse semen shot. Apparently it has a custard like taste, yummy.