Frequently Asked Questions

We know how difficult it is to plan a stag/hen party and constantly manage the expectations of another 15 – 20 people. Here are some top tips on questions that we get asked every day.

1. Do I need confirmed numbers before I book?

2. Can I add people to my booking?

3. When do I have to pay in full?

4. What time do the activities start?

5. Some of the group can't do the full package - what happens here?

6. Can some of the group stay for one night only?

7. What do you mean by ‘minimum numbers’?

8. How Are Payment Made?

9. Is My Money Protected?

10. I’m booking for next year so is there any rush


1. Do I need confirmed numbers before I book?

This all depends on your package. The majority of our quotes with state "based on a minimum of 10 people". In this instance you can book initial for 20 people, knowing that if 10 were to drop out, it wouldnt affect the price for anyone else in the group. 

Where this differs is when booking Apartments or Single Properties, where your quote will state the exact number of passengers that the price relates to. Should numbers drop at a later date we would attempt to offer alernate accommodation, but where this is impossible it would affect the price. 


2. Can I add people to my booking?

After we have confirmed numbers we can still add people to your booking at any stage assuming there is availability.

If somebody would like to add on last minute then chances are that the hotel/activities will be full, so the sooner they can let us know the better.


3. When do we have to pay in full?

The final deadline date for payments is always 6 weeks prior to your event date. If you log into your account using the details from your quote you will see the deadline for deposits and final balances.


4. What time do the activities start?

You can decide when your chosen activities commence. However many venues operate on a first come first serve basis subject to availability. Some actives also have fixed times and days which are not flexible.

Time slots can not be guaranteed until a deposit payment has been received. The further in advance you book, the greater flexibility you will have in terms of attending your activities when you wish to.


5. Some of the group can't do the full package - what happens?

That's not a problem. Just let us know what the individuals are doing and we can adjust their price accordingly. Please note if you are doing activities that require minimums and someone no longer wants to partake this will still need to be paid for.


6. Can some of the group stay for one night only?

Providing the accommodation allows this then yes, but we will need to double check. If it is possible we will adjust the package price for the relevant individuals. 

Please note that we can’t guarantee that one night stays will be possible if your original booking was not made on this basis.


7. What do you mean by ‘minimum numbers’?

Some activities require a minimum group size by booking the activity you are agreeing to pay for the stated amount of spaces, even if your group size falls below the minimum - this will then be divided between the group accordingly. 


8. How are Payments Made?

Payments can be made 3 ways:

1. Bank Transfer paid directly to PTS, quoting client REF

2. Via a payment link, sent by your event organiser. 

3. Over the Phone.


Payment Schedule:

1. £50 deposit to secure the package. 

2. £20pp 2 weeks later to confirm numbers. 

3. Final balance 6 weeks prior to the event date. 


9. Is My Money Protected? 

Yes, this is a legal requirement. Hangover Weekends use PTS (Protected Trust services) to protect your money. All payments made are held in a Trust account until your booking has been fulfilled. 



10. I’m booking for next year so is there any rush?

Simply, Yes. All major cities are bursting with events on weekends, whether it be football matches, concerts, horse racing, golf events, and conferences to name a few. Therefore we can see availability on hotels run out even 12 months in advance. The sooner you can reserve your package, the more choice of accommodation, activities and timings for each event that you will have.




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