Hyper Shock

in Birmingham

Put the shock factor into your Birmingham stag do.

Get ready for electricfying fun of thrills, laughs, and giggles as your laser gun delivers an electro shock when you hit your opponent!

The equipment;

  • Military-grade polymer Lazer assault rifle with built-in shock generator
  • Fully disposable electro shock pads
  • LED reactive headset
  • Built-In Red Dot sight
  • Re-generative Body armour feature
  • Auto- respawn
  • Integrated battle game settings including "Zombie" mode!
  • Kill count, Ammo counter, Shooter scores plus much more.
  • 1hr session

How it works;

Each Cyclone X Lazer gun is fitted with an electro shock generator. Players wear the Hypershock Tazer Tag electro-pads on their skin across the shoulder blades area. When shot, the pads deliver a quick, safe, mild shock - similar to that of a tens machine or fitness abs-toning machine.

18yrs+ only

£30.00pp*subject to availability