Go Medieval Axe Throwing, Archery Combat and Crossbows

Stag Activity in Liverpool

Harness your inner Viking! Learn how to throw guided by our axe experts (axperts). We'll show you how satisfying it is, with a little practice, to stick a Tomahawk or Axe into the log targets and with a bit of skill - hit the bullseye. You will be itching to buy your own axes! Axe throwing is great for competitive Stags and Hens, we promise an experience you won’t forget! Archery Combat is a group based game played very much like dodgeball with two teams shooting it out. The arrows are foam capped so it doesn’t hurt. If you shoot someone from the opposite team they go out of the game. If you shoot a spot from a target board then you can get team members who are out, back in the game. If you catch an arrow from the opposing team then the shooter goes out and a member of your team who is ‘out’ comes back into the game. It’s fast and lively and satisfying to hit someone and be on the winning side. Crossbows are trigger operated device so it is easier to be more accurate with it. We'll ensure we you have a fun day learning how the crossbow works, and hone your skills throughout the session, this session is run in the indoor range.


£65.00pp*subject to availability